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1) Research your topic and find out other names used in this ingredient. Barley malt| Cane sugar| Carob syrup| Dextrose| Fruit juice| Beet sugar| Caramel| Castor sugar| Diastatic malt| Fruit juice concentrate| Brown sugar| Corn syrup| Date sugar| Diatase| Galactose| Buttered syrup| Corn syrup solids| Demerara sugar| Ethyl maltol| Glucose| Cane juice crystals| Confectioner’s sugar| Dextran| Fructose| Glucose solids| Golden sugar| Grape sugar| Honey| Invert sugar| Maltodextrin| Golden syrup| High- fructose corn syrup| Icing sugar| Lactose| Maltose| Malt syrup| Muscovado sugar| Panocha| Refiner’s syrup| Sorbitol| Maple syrup| Molasses| Raw sugar| Rice syrup| Sorghum| Sucrose| Mannitol| Treacle| Turbinado sugar | Yellow sugar| Corn sweetener| Dehydrated cane juice| Saccharose| Agave Nectar| Xylose| Disaccharides| Milk sugar| GranulatedSugar| Monosaccharide|

2) Create a table and list 10 or more different foods and drinks that have your chosen ingredient. FOOD AND DRINKS CONTAIN SUGAR|
Cookies and biscuits| Coca Cola|
Yoghurt| Pepsi|
Pancakes/waffles/pikelets| Lemonades|
Donuts/bagels| Milkshakes|
Canned fruits| Soft drinks|
Puddings| Thick shakes|
Licorice| Slushies|
Chocolate| Juices|
Flavoured Oatmeal| Red Wine|
Fruit Salad| Iced Tea|
Ice Creams| Milk|
Multi-Grain Cereal| Coffee (if you put sugar in it)|
Applesauce| Hot chocolate/cocoa|
Candies| Root beer|
Pasta, unless wholegrain| Energy drinks|
Pretzels| Sodas|
Jams and Spreads| CapriSun drinks|
Raw fruits| Flavoured Vitamin Water|
White Bread| Sport Drinks|
Granola/Energy Bars| Bottled Tea|
Raisins| Soy milk|

3) Record the quantity of that ingredient in that food item in the table. Food or Drink Name| Quantity of Sugar|
Cookies Coconut Macaroons 100g| 70.7g|
Jams 100g| 48.5g|
Ice Creams Vanilla 100g| 21.2g|
Coca Cola 355mL can| 39g|
Arizona Lemonade 240 ml| 24g|
Apple Juice 240 ml| 26g|
Iced Tea 8 oz.| 23g|
Yoplait original yogurt| 27g|
California Pizza Kitchen- Thai Chicken Salad| 45g|
Starbucks Caffe vanilla Frappuccino Grande| 58g|
Vitamin Water 20 oz. bottle| 33g|
Froot Loops breakfast cereal 3/4 cup| 12g|
Craisins dried cranberries 1/3 cup| 29g|
Chocolate Syrup 100g| 49.7g|
Canned Plums 100g| 22.3g|
Candied Fruits 100g| 80.7g|
Pasta 100g| 3.33g|

4) Make a collection of picture of food/drinks containing high amount of your ingredient and complete a collage (1-2 A4 pages), include a title for your collage. On other sheets.
5) What are the effects of
a) Over consumption of this ingredient on our health
Over consumption of sugar can cause many terrible diseases and it is the cause to many damages in our bodies and our health. Some of the effects of over consumption of sugar are: * Cause tiredness and fatigue in the body

* Destroy the immune system
* Cause diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, periodontal disease, cardiovascular disease etc. * Could mess with the mind’s ability to think clearly or to concentrate, therefore cause concentration difficulties and headache * Cause depression, anxiety, crankiness, even personality disorders and hormonal imbalance in both children and adults * Raise the adrenaline level in children

* Increase the risk of having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strokes etc. * Cause especially weight gain and obesity
* Damage our organs and body parts like kidney damage, increase fat in the liver, damage the pancreas, produce an acidic stomach and cause tooth decay * Speed the aging process (cause wrinkles and grey hair)

* Cause food allergies, toxaemia during pregnancy for women and eczema in children. * Increase the fasting levels of blood glucose.
* Have bad influences on our bodies’ nutritional intakes and...
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