Sugar Is the Silent Killer

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Obesity Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Sugar: the silent killer
Sugar can take many forms-such as white, raw or brown sugar, honey or corn syrup. It has many properties, both aesthetic and preservative, that make it highly desirable in the processed food industry. It adds taste, colour, bulk and viscosity to food products. It also prevents mould formation and microbiological activity. According to the 1995 Nutrition Survey, Australians were obtaining about 45 per cent of their energy intake from carbohydrates of which 20 per cent was derived from natural and added sugars and 25 per cent from starch. What is shocking is that, more specifically, about Survey 16 to 24-year-olds were consuming on average 400ml of soft drink per day. Even though sugar per se he not been linked with heart disease, diabetes or adult obesity, sugar/sucrose intakes have been associated with the following conditions: dental cavities, increased tendency for blood clots, increased levels of a blood fat and skin wrinkling. Sugar has been called a source of ‘empty calories’ because it offers taste but has no nutrients. It has long been advised that if you wants to lose weight, you should cut out all sweet and sugary foods from your daily diet. However, there is limited evidence to suggest that eating foods high in sugar is associated with excessive food intake or obesity. Overweight and obesity are caused by regularly consuming more kilojoules (calories) than the body uses. Sugar may be a problem for people who are largely inactive and need to reduce their energy intake. Therefore, to assist in weight management it is advisable to avoid eating large amounts of sugar-sweetened drinks is relate to childhood obesity. Another study showed that there was more than 1 kg body weight gain inn subjects after 3 weeks of consuming about 4 glasses of soft drink daily compared with volunteers drinking the same amount of diet soft drink. Sugar is found in obviously sweet foods like soft drinks, fruit juice, cordials,...
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