Sugar Industry of India

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Machinery Suppliers for Sugar Industry in India

Some of the suppliers that offer cutting-edge machines to the companies involved in sugar industry of India are:  * Sakthi Sugars Ltd
* Sri Sujay Engineering Products
* Sri Vijayalakshmi Industries
* Murthy Industries
* Parveen Perforaters & Allied Industries
* Aeromen Engg Co
* Kamla Foundry & Workshop
* Tinytech Plants
* Baba Vishwakarma Engineering Co. (P) Limited
Career Opportunities

raditional sweeteners Gur & Khandsari are consumed mostly by the rural population in India. In the early 1930’s nearly 2/3rd of sugarcane production was utilised for production of alternate sweeteners, Gur & Khandsari. With better standard of living and higher incomes, the sweetener demand has shifted to white sugar. Currently, about 1/3rd sugarcane production is utilised by the Gur & Khandsari sectors. Being in the small scale sector, these two sectors are completely free from controls and taxes which are applicable to the sugar sector. The advent of modern sugar processing industry in India began in 1930 with grant of tariff protection to the Indian sugar industry. The number of sugar mills increased from 30 in the year 1930 - 31 to 135 in the year 1935-36 and the production during the same period increased from 1.20 lakh tonnes to 9.34 lakh tonnes under the dynamic leadership of the private sector. The era of planning for industrial development began in 1950-51 and Government laid down targets of sugar production and consumption, licensed and installed capacity, sugarcane production during each of the Five Year Plan periods. The targets and achievements during various plan periods are given below.

Economical watch
Sugar Industry in India is well developed with a consumer base of more than billions of people. It is also the second largest producer of sugar in the world. There are around 45 millions of sugar cane growers in India and a larger portion of rural labourers in the country largely rely upon this industry. Sugar Industry is one of the agricultural based industries. In India it is the second largest agricultural industry after . Statistics On Sugar Production

As to the statistics there were a total number of 571 sugar factories in India as on March 31,2005 compared to 138 during1950-51. These 571 sugar mills produce a total quantity of 19.2 million tones (MT). Sugar production in India increased from 15.5 MT in 1998-99 to 20.1 MT in 2002-03. Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, sugarcane production in 2004-05 is estimated at 232.3 MT from 237.3 MT in 2003-04. Sugarcane production is expected to reach 257.7 MT in 2005-06. State| 2002-03| 2003-04| 2004-05 Estimated|

Uttar Pradesh| 58.74| 46.08| 50.32|
Maharashtra| 61.64| 31.99| 22.29|
Karnataka| 17.98| 11.57| 13|
Tamil Nadu| 17.04| 11.9| 9.84|
Andhra Pradesh| 11.88| 8.81| 9.75|
Gujarat| 12.38| 10.77| 8.32|
Haryana| 5.99| 5.86| 4.03|
Uttaranchal| 4.59| 3.93| 3.82|
Punjab| 5.11| 3.88| 3.37|
Bihar| 4.21| 2.77| 2.77|
Madhya Pradesh| 0.85| 0.94| 0.85|
Other| 0.91| 1.09| 1.58|
ugar Pricing:
Government of India fixes Statutory Minimum Price (SMP) for sugarcane according to Clause 3 of the Sugarcane Order. This statutory Minimum Price is designed through the consent of Commission for Agricultural Coast and Prices (CACP) and respective state Governments. For the year 2004-05, the rate was fixed at Rs. 74.50 Per quintal with a basic recovery of 8.5%. Indian Government on Sugar Industry

The following policy initiatives are taken to boost the Sugar industry: * Government declared the new policy on August 20,1998 with regards to licenses for new factories, which shows that there will be no sugar factory in a radius of 15 km. * Setting up of Indian Institute of Sugar Technology at Kanpur is meant for improving efficiency in the industry. * In the year 1982, the sugar development fund...
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