Sugar Cane Diffusion

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  • Published: September 15, 2010
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Sugar Cane Diffusion

The advantages of diffusion

The advantages of diffusion over conventional milling have been confimed by the performances of DE SMET diffusers in industrial operation. De Smet diffusers have processed several million tons of cane in different countries and proved their : √ √ √ √ √ √ Simplicity Efficiency Low maintenance costs Low operation costs Mechanical reliability Adaptation to changes in capacity.

Types of De Smet diffusers

De Smet supplies two types of diffusers : √ The BAGASSE (TS) DIFFUSER to process first mill bagasse, √ and the CANE (TN) DIFFUSER, to process shredded cane. De Smet can therefore give you unbiased advice on the type of diffuser best suited to your conditions. Both types of diffusers are mechanicallly similar and the TS type can be converted into a TN diffuser.

Auxiliary equipment

DE SMET does not manufacture cane preparation and bagasse dewatering equipment but has thoroughly studied these problems and keeps in close touch with new developments in these fields. This enables DE SMET to advise on how to make maximum use of existing equipment and to assume responsibility for the performance of the whole extraction plant when supplied through DE SMET.

Principles of operation

Operation of the diffuser is based on systematic counter current washing of the cane or bagasse by means of imbibition water. In practice, this is achieved by forming a bed of shredded cane or first mill bagasse on a conveyor. Water is added at the discharge end of the conveyor and percolates through the bed of bagasse and the perforated slats of the conveyor. The water dissolves the sugar in the bagasse and the thin juice thus formed is collected in a hopper.

This juice is moved forward one stage by pumping and the process is repeated until the juice reaches maximum concentration at the feed end of the diffuser. The diffuser may be conditioned either for single-flow or for parallel-flows juice circulation.

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