Sugar and Stamp Act

Topics: Stamp Act 1765, Law, English-language films Pages: 1 (530 words) Published: December 19, 2007
In the time period of 1763 and 1765 two acts took place, the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act. The Sugar Act all started because of a war debt that was expanding. In the Sugar Act there is a lot of pros and cons, my personal feelings on the act go both ways. The price of sugar was raised to around six pence, which is about twelve dollars for one gallon. In this time sugar was a very well-know substance just like it is today. The act was basically a way to make the trade route more difficult and more expensive. The Sugar Act is very good that was passed at the time. It also helped with watching what was going and coming through with the trade and helped with watching out for smugglers. The tax law on the sugar didn't help much with the outlook on trade goods such as coffee and wines. In my opinion I don't agree much on the reasons for the law passed on sugar, to make prices higher then lower them, don't really make a whole lot of sense. Sugar is one of the most selling products that there is, you use sugar for almost anything. Having a law over how much and who can have it isn't very fair in my opinion. Also, a shipping law for what is being sent over seas wasn't fair for the trade on all the goods because trade was the only way you could get anything at times. Another Act that took place in this time was the Stamp Act. The stamp act was mainly about raising money. They had a act on most of the paper good used for just about everything which in my opinion is not a very smart decision on the part of that all paper used has to be paid. The worst part about this act is that the newspaper would have the highest tax because there are many pages that go out and all those have to be paid for by something or someone. I believe that taxes can be a good thing at times, but not for the use of paper. Everyone uses paper, it's a must have and if you put an tax on it no one will want to use it as much even though they have to. In the stamp act I see no reason why money is need. If...
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