Sufjan Stevens

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It is often that good musicians are overlooked because they are less well known or have an odd style. Sufjan Stevens, a 36-year-old singer songwriter, entered the music career track at the age of 24 (Scaggs). He has been working hard to show his talents and unique song writing skill by creating a variety of albums that are inspired by different states (Bertsch). Stevens has said in interviews that he plans on making a CD for each of the 50 states (Bertsch). Although Stevens does find inspiration in some material things, he also finds a large majority of his inspiration in his religious views (Scaggs). In most of Steven’s songs, a religious undertone can be found in the lyrics (Scaggs). Sufjan Stevens was first exposed to music as a small child because his stepfather would play many different records all throughout the day (Scaggs). Since then, he has become a Christian music idol and an inspiration to many aspiring artists (Bertsch).

Sufjan Stevens’s Music is greatly affected by his religious views. His songs have lush, unusual musical landscapes. Most contemporary Christian music is marred by the predictable, heavy-handed musical styling’s of any number of cookie-cutter bands. It seems nearly impossible that a musician whose songs are so reflective of his faith could actually be quality material (Gallicho, Grant). His songs often cartwheel slowly into a climax of strings and horns (Petrusich, Amanda). These effects are so transfixing that one may barely notice the words (Gallicho, Grant). His songs may be displaying propaganda, loss, or religion, but they always keep the listener interested (Gallich, Grant). Sufjan Stevens keeps his music contemporary but still out of the ordinary; making him a very memorable musician for people who enjoy good music (Petrusich, Amanda).

Sufjan Stevens uses figurative language to create a theme that takes us on a journey, teaching us to learn from our mistakes so in the end we come out stronger. Two songs in...
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