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Sufism is defined as "a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God". It is a religion based on the truth of life and lays stress on the attainment of divine love and compassion of the heart. Sufism had influenced entire Muslim community by 12th Century. The practitioner of this tradition is known as Sufi, Wali, Faqir or Dervish.

History of Sufism
Sufism is said to have been originated near a place called Basra located in Iraq. The Muslims located in this region started off this religion as a path to reach the divine. The divine form who is worshipped in Sufism is Prophet Mohammed and all schools of Sufism consider the Prophet as the manifestation of God. This is one reason why Sufi is considered to have branched from Islam. However, ancient Islamic scriptures have no mention of Sufism in them. Some scholars hold the view that Sufism is the evolution of Islam in a more spiritual and mystic direction. Sufism in its earlier stages was recited and meditated from the Quran.  Sufism represents the inward or esoteric side of Islam and the mystical dimension of Muslim religion. Sufis regarded God as the supreme beauty and believed that one must admire it, take delight in His thought and concentrate his attention on Him only. Sufism defined itself into various orders; the 4 most popular among these were Chistis, Suhrawardis, Qadiriyahs and Naqshbandis.

Sufi Saints in India
India is the land of spiritualism. Some of the major religions of the world have been started over here. Sufism has also been present in India since a long time and even today we find a number of Sufi followers here. Some of the popular Sufi saints of India have been discussed below.  Sufism roots in both rural and urban areas and exerted social, political and cultural influence on the masses. Sufis brought peace and harmony to everyone’s mind in a world full of grieves and sorrows.

Sufi Practices
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