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ODUMUNC 2009 Issue Brief Historical Security Council William R. Patterson Introduction: The Suez Crisis began on July 26, 1956 when Egypt’s President, Gamal Abdel Nasser, took the action of nationalizing the Suez Canal. This was a direct challenge to British strategic control in the Middle Eastern region. The Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936 had granted the British a lease over the canal and the British had a sizeable troop presence there until 1954 when they agreed to withdraw most of them. The French were also concerned with the nationalization of the canal since they believed it would strengthen Nasser’s influence over their North African colonies. Israel was also worried that the hostile Egyptians would interfere with their shipping rights through the canal, which in fact they had already done on several occasions. In response to Nasser’s action, the British, French and Israelis held a secret meeting to plan retaliation. It was decided that Israel would invade Egypt and attempt to gain control of the Sinai Peninsula. The British and French would then intervene as a ‘peacekeeping’ force and demand that Israeli and Egyptian forces each withdraw 16 kilometers from the canal, thereby leaving it in the de facto control of the British and French. On October 29, 1956 the Israelis launched Operation Kadesh and invaded the Sinai. The British and French joined the hostilities on October 31 with Operation Musketeer which involved bombing and land invasions. Though the military operations were successful, it was met by a hostile reaction from the Soviets, the United States, the United Nations, and many members of NATO. President Eisenhower intervened personally and forced a cease-fire on Britain, France and Israel. Discussion of the crisis was initiated in the United Nations Security Council and then moved to the General Assembly. Eventually, a United Nations peacekeeping force was deployed and British, French and Israeli troops were withdrawn. Historical Background: The...

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