Sue Lawty

Topics: Textile, Work, Stone Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: January 27, 2013
I have chosen Sue Lawty as my artist because I think artist creates a sense of feeling of calm energy through the use of variety of shape like pebbles. The muted colours sue Lawty uses remind me of being on a beach; I am inspired by sue Lawty’s use of shape which creates the experience of joy. I enjoy the ways that sue Lawty exploits the textural qualities of the materials she has used. Sue Lawty, originally from Derbyshire, and talks about the progression of her practice. From traditional tapestry weaving to constructed pieces made from lead, stone and linen which continue to express her interest in textiles, place, time, geology, repetition and mark-marking. Sue Lawty work is rooted in an emotional, spiritual and physical engagement with the land, drawing on direct experiences of remote, raw and edgy landscape. The constructed pieces and drawings in two and three dimensions are abstract and minimal. They explore repetition and interval; investigating territories of expression in raphia, hemp, linen, lead, tiny stones or shadow. Sue Lawty says about her work that she seeks an understated restraint, balance, tension, rhythm. She also says she seeks to produce work that is essentially still. Sue Lawtey’s quiet, abstract works are heavily influenced by a comprehensive engagement with landscape, notably the structure and primal rawness of rock.

Whether sue Lawty is working with linen, lead, stone or shadow, the physicality and subtleties of material are explored intuitively and meticulously during the process of drawing and making. Her works have been described as 'spiritual meditative a deeply contemplative experience’. Each tiny insignificant speck of stone bears witness to the vastness of geological time. Time so immense it renders us, humankind, as the real speck.

Sue Lawty also develops a large stone drawing from tens of thousands of tiny natural stone marks. Sue Lawty develops links between contemporary use of unconventional materials and traditional...
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