Suddenly I Became Me

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Mother Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Rivera 1
Rafael Rivera
Ms. Rigsby
AP English Literature and Composition
11 November 2009
Suddenly, I Became Me
Suddenly, I became me when I was born in the year 1991, the Day 9, and on the Month of march. I was born in the Florida, were my entire family member’s awaited for the arrive of a new son, nephew, and grandson. There was a wired circumstance surround my birth. The wired circumstance was, when the family called me: “The child of the house”, which also, in the same moment, the family gave me a nickname, named: “Rocky”. But my parents didn’t want to give me just a nickname; they also wanted to give name to entitle myself. So both my parents look at my grandfather, (My mother father), and smiled. At that happiest moment, both my parents and my grandfather knew what name they’re was going to entitle me. They decide to call me: “Rafael”. The first couple of my life was easy but at the same time… hard. Three month after I was born, I was baptized at the Saint John Catholic Church.

Rivera 2
A few months after the baptism, my mother began to teach me how to walk and talk. Apparently, I was not doing well in neither, but instead, my mother decide put me in bouncer that I would have bounce for hours. Four month has passed, and there was party at my grandparents’ house. I was still too young to learn from what the different between good and opening the Pandora box that withheld evil. During the night of the party, my grandfather had decided to toy with me, and have a little fun with his grandchild, for a few hours. When suddenly, without any warning, I decide to bite him on the forehead. My grandfather bleeds for a couple of hours, and didn’t know how, was this possible, if I was still such an infant. That when my noticed, that my first baby tooth popped out. Thought out the next three year, I had eventually master had to walk and could talk a normally. Eventually, I took interest on studying the thing that occupied...
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