Sudan: No Clean Water

Topics: Water purification, Drinking water, Pathogen Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Sudan: A local based Enviro-Stewards company is underway providing thousands with clean, drinkable water in southern remote Sudan this past week. Bruce Taylor, the head of the company responsible for the incredible work, speaks on behalf of the project. His El Miron based company is working with a local engineering firm to create simple water filtration devices that are both easy to use and inexpensive. Even today, not all people on Earth have consistent access to clean, drinkable water, particularly in the Eastern regions including Africa and Asia. “Out of all the wealth in the county, half of them have E-Coli bacteria, and more than half of the patients at the hospitals are there because of water related illnesses”, Taylor says. Though many possibilities exist on the purification of most any existing water, the problem lies on finding an inexpensive and easy method that can depend on a limited budget. For many developing countries, modern water purification systems available in regions like ours are decades away from existence, as properly cleaned and disinfected drinking water is usually bought from neighboring countries. This requires astronomical funds on the bottling and diesel to transport such an essential everyday supply to their doorsteps. This is precisely the case in Sudan, and this is a problem Enviro-Stewards is hoping to overcome in the near future in not just Sudan, but around the world as well. The key to Enviro-Steward’s miraculous system is a revolutionary filter taking advantage of naturally occurring bacteria to combat dangerous E-Coli microbes. A steel mold is casted and filled with cement, which holds a sand and gravel filter where naturally occurring bacteria is encouraged to grow. The bacteria thrive and eat the hazardous E-Coli bacteria, rendering the water safe to drink. As amazing as this new system sounds, Taylor is also beginning the installation of a new bottling line for the produce. The new bottling...
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