Topics: Sudan, White Nile, Blue Nile Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: December 17, 2012

Sudan is located in the northern part of Africa on the coastline bordering the Red Sea. It is the third largest country on the continent of Africa. The land is mostly covered with flat plains and a number of mountain ranges. The Blue and White Nile river passes through Sudan, theirs several dams on the two rivers which help with the agricultural aspect for the country. "The Al Gezira irrigation system that is located between the White and the Blue Nile Rivers (both rivers merge to form the Nile River) is the most important agriculture project and, according to some statistics, is also the largest artificially irrigated region in the world." Abundant rainfall in the south gives agriculture and grazing grounds for the large herds owned my nomad tribes in the area. The north, along the Nile and other rivers, irrigation farming is big the cash crops are cotton, sesame, peanuts, sugarcane, dates, citrus fruits, mangoes, coffee and tobacco. Cotton is the principal export crop and has a big part in the economy. "In 2001, agricultural products accounted for 21.9% of imports and 19.2% of exports their was an agricultural trade deficit of $24.5 million." Among agricultural products in 1999 were peanuts, 980,000 tons; sesame, 220,000 tons, (the third highest in the world after India and China); and wheat, 168,000 tons. Cotton fiber production in 1999 was 172,000 tons. Production in 1999 also included sugarcane, 5,950,000 tons; tomatoes, 240,000 tons; dates, 176,000 tons; yams, 136,000 tons; and corn, 65,000 tons. In 2010, Sudan was the 17-th fastest growing economy in the world. The grow was due to the cotton and oil profits but since most of the oil fields are in the southern part of the country. By early 2012, nthey were locked in an exceedingly dangerous game of brinkmanship[->0] over billions of gallons of oil, seizing tankers, shutting down wells and imperiling the tenuous, American-backed peace. While most of the oil lies in South Sudan, the...
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