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Literature review

How to become a Successful Student
Abd-ul-Rehman Fayyaz
FC College (chartered university)

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This literature review includes the meaning of a successful students, it tells us the qualities of a blooming students, it tells how an average student can become a successful student, what qualities should an average students adopt to become a successful student, what type of difficulties an average student feel in their daily life in becoming a perfect student, how a successful student effects their environment. This work tells us that what people think about successful student and what is the actual meaning of it? It tells us that true successful student work hard to get knowledge but today students work hard to get money.

Successful students 3 Successful students:
Everyone likes to be a successful. Getting a scholarship, making money, to have a car, and a beautiful house or being popular are very common accomplishments for everyone. These accomplishments are only the immediate rewards. Long term success is a journey. There is no destination for that magic we all call success. Education is a magic it can open many doors that were deviously closed, so get the best education you can. And if you have decided to go with education than do work hard as more as you can. In this research paper you will become familiar with the various learning strategies and be shown how some of these techniques can be applied to educational success. Researcher will provide you simple effective and dynamic tools to use every...
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