Such as My Beloved

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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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Characterization by Guutu Ahmed
Journal #3/4 –Such as my beloved
This novel “Such as my beloved” by Morley Callaghan the main character’s of this novel is Father Dowling, Midge and Ronnie. Throughout the last half of the novel Father Dowling has shown consideration and concern for the two girls. Even though he has developed love interest with them, he is able to communicate with them and interact with them, even though it seems that throughout the novel he does have a sexual interest in them which contravenes his beliefs as a priest. The reason why he shows so much consideration is because he believes in himself that he can change their lives from being socially acceptable prostitutes for a living into being the best they can be with pursuing a career that is well known. Father Dowling believes that Midge and Ronnie are a good character with their personality and kindness which develops throughout the novel, he also believes helping them also benefits himself “The more I love and think for those girls the closer I am to all these people,” (Callaghan 163). They can achieve so much more than just being two prostitutes meaning a career that is more socially acceptable. The thesis in the character development to the story is that Father Dowling shows consideration to those he believes should deserve a second chance, in this novel Father Dowling gives up the ultimate sacrifice, his life, he has for the goodness of those two girls whom nobody gave a chance to, but him.

Father Dowling had affectionate feelings towards Midge and Ronnie (two prostitutes) which the author comprehended, the author made this situation look like a reality outcome, people never hear in today’s society of a priest trying to help prostitutes who don’t care about their bodies and just think about gaining more money. “I’ve given all I can of my own money. I’d give more, but I’m no longer able to help them. I want you to do something for them. Somebody has to help them. They must keep off...
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