Succient Success Stories

Topics: Work ethic, Interview, Active listening Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: March 13, 2011
John Smith’s
Succinct Success Stories

Summary Statement: I can be an asset to your company by providing solid leadership, strong communication skills, and the upper edge when it comes to competition.

Value Driver #1: Leadership
I will lead by demonstrating ethical actions while working diligently and efficiently with others. In addition, I will admit to my own mistakes and strive to keep my team’s morale high.

Succinct Success Story:
I can provide leadership by demonstrating ethical actions while working diligently and efficiently with others. While in high school, I was approached and asked to lead the semi-annual Delta retreat. This retreat consists of a weekend out of town, where individuals reflect where their life is at and where they want it to go. Besides giving speeches at the retreat, a leader must recruit individuals to join. There were only five men signed up when I agreed to lead two months before the retreat took place. When the retreat occurred, I had enrolled fifteen men and six women. At the end of the weekend each of those individuals came up and thanked me for encouraging them to participate and claimed they were motivated by my speeches. (129 words; 36 seconds)

Value Driver # 2: Communication
I can carry on an important conversation with my active listening skills and by processing my thoughts before I speak aloud.

Succinct Success Story:
While interviewing for marketing internship in 2009, Gerald Johnson and I carried on a two and a half hour conversation. Gerald, the humans resource director for the company that I interviewed with, asked me a variety of questions, some which I had a difficult time answering. In order to keep my composure, I remained calm, thoroughly listened to the question and comprehended it. Next, I thought out each of my verbal responses before stating them aloud. A week after the interview, Gerald offered me the job and claimed that I was the best interviewee that he had in five years, which also...
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