Successful Teams Use Halftime Breaks

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Successful teams use halftime breaks:
As the best coaches in sports games like basketball and football use halftime, the managers of work teams should also use halftime for improvement of the workers of the teams. It generates positive energy in the individuals. This type of positive synergy will help the management to allow the organizations to increase the performance. The use of halftime breaks by the teams will create the potential for the organization to increase the desired output. Being slightly behind can be motivating:

According to the recent study of basketball games, the teams that were slightly behind at halftime had more chances of winning. They had more motivation of trying harder to meet their goal of winning the game. Similarly in workplaces, the work teams that are slightly ahead will be having less motivation as they would be thinking themselves as winners. This is called “victory disease”. However on the other hand, the teams that are slightly behind would work harder to win and would be having more motivation to achieve their goals. This explains that the sports teams are good models for workplace teams. For effective teams, when the workplace faces this kind of situation, the management should motivate their teams to meet the desired goals. Winning teams have stable membership:

For better results the team member should have stability in them. According to the studies of sports, the teams that are more stable had won more games than those teams that were not stable. The teammates should spend more time together to be clearer about each other’s flaws etc. They know about their roles and of all the members of their teams. It will help them to have more interaction between themselves. They will have more unity and will work together in more effective and in batter manners. All sport teams aren’t alike:

Different sport teams present different models. The management should choose sport teams as their role model according to what type of...
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