Successful Teacher

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Successful Teacher
Many claim that being a teacher is an easy job, and everybody can become a teacher. Others, however, suppose teaching is not a career; it is a human service.Albert Einstein said “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”, so being an effective teacher, everyone should need some special characters such as sense of humor, personal touch, and willingness to admit mistakes.First of all, humor in class is one of the most efficient wayscan help us become a successful teacher. It can relieve tense situations in class before they get worse. A sense of humor, moreover, will make students feel more excited to attend and pay attention. Even if his or her jokes are not really happy, students will still highly appreciate his or her effort. For example, at high school, I really liked studying chemistry as I had the funny teacher. He not only taught well but also put a smile on students.I remembered once he held a singsong in class instead of teaching a new lesson on Valentine’s Day. Firstly, he volunteered to sing a first love song. After he sang a few minutes, we began to laugh because his voice was like crying, but we still clapped our hands to encourage him. Unfortunately, we had to stop it soon because of complaints of next classes. Generally, we were excited whenever we studied with him. Secondly, great teachers should create strong relationships with their students and show they care about them as friend. Being able to communicate effectively, teachers can bringtheir lives and stories into class in order to build trust with their students. Additionally, teachers who always act on their students’ interests will have gotten close to students. Expressing teacher’s concern to students by calling his or her students by name, smile often, asking about students’ feelings and opinions will make the affection between teachers and students as a large family. For example, Quoc who taught me taekwondo is like my...
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