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College can be a difficult and stressful obstacle that many students have to go through with, most would definitely see it that way. Going full-time, while dealing with all the work from all the classes, and having a job, many wouldn’t understand how this would be able to be achieved successfully. How would they get their work done? Where do they find time to study? When do they sleep? All great questions to ask a undergraduate striving to reach their goals. There’s a lot more into it then just finishing the work assigned it’s the process of learning the information. In the following essay Power Learning by Sheila Akers, she details three study skills that are fundamental keys to success in college.

First, she describes the importance of time control and the best steps of managing your schedule. Akers describes the best way of time control is to organize your schedule in three different processes. Beginning with a monthly calendar, use this to mark important due dates for essays or when exams are to take place. Next, it would be ideal to have a weekly schedule. With this you would have a more detailed, in-depth look into the days ahead. Mark all the fixed hours in each day, hours for meals, classes, job (if any), and travel time (Akers 484). After that is complete, with the extra time not yet filled in, schedule time to study, don’t overdue and drain yourself. At the same time don’t do too little to where you might as well not even done it. Balance it out to fit your schedule to where you have time to relax and complete your priorities (five-twenty hours a week). Finally, do a daily schedule, to see at what time are you doing homework, attending class, studying, and relaxing. With the activities most important, mark them to help you remember to do this, because they are important and cross them out as you completely. Scheduling your time could help you out greatly with time to study, but with studying, it starts in the class.

Second, she describes how...
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