Successful Strategic Information Systems

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Successful Strategic Information Systems

In a new generation, companies must now keep up and stay competitive by having a very good information system on them. Information system is extremely beneficial to a company’s growth. It can be defined in business as “a set of interrelated component that collect, process, store, and disseminate information to support companies’ managerial team in decision making, coordinating, controlling, and analyzing.”( Also a high quality information system is good for communicating with other companies, suppliers and producers, which makes it seems as if everyone or all companies are under one immense organization. Having information systems in ones companies makes everything much easier and more efficient so that things can run smoother. For instance a store can keep track of its cash income and the entire inventory in stock or even out of stock in the matter of seconds or minutes. Companies are now less likely to have errors in their records, due to the fact that computers record things better than us humans, which helps with getting a bigger profit gain. Although it seems like almost every company or organization has an IT system; some of the top companies that uses information systems are Netflix, Wal-Mart, and FedEx. Netflix

Almost the whole company is dependent on its information system, from its movie even down to its shipping process. One of the main IT system process that Netflix uses is the recommendation algorithm. The algorithm commands Netflix's servers to process information from its system to figure out which movies a consumer is likely to choose. For instance the system would arrange the movies into categories from the most recent film to come out, to customers ratings or the most rented movie. Also the algorithm could sometimes recommend a movie that you didn’t know that you wanted. For example, if a customer rented a Jet Li once...
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