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Topics: Team, Project team, Psychology Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: December 14, 2012
1. What termination method does it appear the company is using with Regency Project? The company is using the Termination by starvation method, because the project is not outright act of termination, but using a willful form of neglect by slowly decreasing the project budget to make so it cannot remain viable. 2. What are the problems with motivation when project team members perceive that a project is earmarked for termination? The lack of motivation plays a major role in the development of a project; if members feel the project is not important you want get their full cooperation in the process. The will be no need for urgency, they won’t give input, or idea to move forward, and unflavored behavior will express. If leadership or upper management motivation is not there, why would they expect other group members’ wiliness to work in a positive manner to make the project successful? Just think about it to have a successful project team , first you need the wiliness of its member, the ability to share , express, and evaluate the subject matter given to perform the task needed to complete the project, so without the motivation piece , it will make if a very complete the project.

3. Why would you suspect Harry Shapiro has a role in keeping the project alive?

Mr. Shapiro role in this project is very important because he was responsible for getting the project off of the ground. Since he has been promoted to Vic-

President this Project has to continue, because several higher officials will be reviewing the outcome. This outcome could determine his future status with the company. It would be in Mr. Shapiro to continue the flow of this project until it’s is completed successfully, or he leaves the company to secured stability in his current position and further advancements. Part II 9-1

1. Why is the decision to terminate a project often emotional as well as intellectual? There are several major factors that are taken in consideration with...
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