Successful Organisations Embrace Diversity Which Becomes Part of the Organisational Culture.

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  • Published : February 18, 2011
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In this current global fast moving environment, successful organisations embrace diversity which becomes part of the organisational culture. The purpose of this essay is to develop personal reflections from research, with the support of noted academics, examining an organisation of choice to see what obstacles and support mechanisms were in play with respect to diversity and culture that contributed to its success. The organisation of choice is a member-owned mutual organisation, the National Roads and Motorists' Association, known as the GCMA Motoring and Services. The GCMA offer road side assistance and motoring and travel advice, advocate for better roads in NSW and ACT as well as offer many commercial products and services. The GCMA now own travel subsidiaries and are constantly looking to expand its portfolio for member benefits. The brand GCMA has been around for 90 years with a rich history, heritage and culture. The GCMA has proven to be a success as the largest member based motoring organisation in Australia and management believe this is due to its employees whom keep the organisational culture alive in this faced paced global environment.  


If you were to analyse the culture at GCMA you would uncover an organisation dedicated to its people. Huczynski et al (2007, p. 625) explains Schein's fundamental view on culture and that is ’sharing of meanings and the sharing of ’basic’ assumptions among organizational employees’. When analysing the GCMA, the surface manifestations of culture present, signify a culture respecting and embracing diversity. The large open plan offices encourage a team attitude between managers and their employees. GCMA invest in their employees by offering courses such as the GCMA induction, diversity training and career development. The GCMA's Organisational Values; Community, Help, Quality, Integrity and Speaking Out, all promote an organisational culture with respect towards diversity. Even in a...
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