Successful Management of a Diverse Workforce

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Individual Research Paper
Successful Management of a Diverse Workforce
By Harun Williams © 2010 Harun Williams
April 29th 2010
Introduction to Research for College Writing Comm112
Joe Tarin

Managing a diverse workforce can prove to be a challenging situation. Many people do not enter the workforce with the intent to manage people, yet alone run another person’s business and the different personalities that work there. Most management positions are thrust upon unwilling individuals, which leaves that person/s lost in a very unforgiving world, where bad decisions are not learning curves and can end up being career-ending mistakes due to not being properly educated in workplace etiquette and managerial processes. Knowing how to delegate tasks and follow up effectively or taking charge of former comrades and getting them to play fair and do what they are told can have negative impacts on new employees who join the company as well as the opposition that can come from established managerial staff that this new manager can’t be taken seriously. Can a person learn to manage different personalities and identify their management style to create an effective work environment?

‘Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.’ – Ronald Regan, 40th president of the United States of America. Diverse workforces are a challenging environment. An individual can be posed with many situations that can test their management savvy and team-building skills, such as dealing with employee work situations, time management and scheduling issues, putting together sales reports or presentations for new product lines or maybe even finding ways to make work more comfortable for those workers with disabilities. However, none can prove more challenging than running a company’s most important asset: the human resource. Background

A management style is a proven method of steps, technical skills and self-confidence that a manager uses to get tasks completed with the highest efficiency and maximum effectiveness. There are five things that management consists of: planning, organizing, coordinating, controlling and leading. This complex and critical choice of career can prove to be difficult for an individual to implement basic management principles and show learned management skills in their personality. To be a manager a certain set of skills should be possessed. One must not be afraid to lead a team or organization to meet at one common goal. A few more skills needed are team-building skills, communication skills, and finally decision-making and presentation skills. Having these skills means that you are capable of making the right decisions and are able to get the tasks you assign completed by the right people. Managers need to be flexible and able to adjust their styles accordingly to any given situation. Knowing what style of management one possesses isn’t hard to find out. The two main styles are Authoritarian, also known as Autocratic Management and Democratic also known as Permissive Management. A third less known style is Directive Management where people are told exactly how to do their jobs. These two distinct styles coupled with a few personality styles; i.e. coach–manager, friend-manager and parent-manager can mean fewer employees versus management (us vs. them) confrontations and more camaraderie, allowing for sales goals to be reached in turn creating more profit and recognition for the company. An authoritarian manager makes all the decisions, expects their staff to do what they are told without dispute or negotiation. This can create havoc if the task isn’t a productive one or makes the employee feel demeaned or shamed as if being punished; the employee is less likely to do the job to the best of their ability. A democratic manager seeks a consensus with their staff...
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