Successful Esl Teaching Techniques and Methods in English L2 Writing Class

Topics: Education, Student, Teaching Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: December 10, 2012
One idea for English L2 writing teaching method is to use related vocabulary for students to create stories from the vocabulary lists. The teacher can ask students to brainstorm the related vocabulary about the writing topic of the day. The teacher can ask students in each group to brainstorm 10 vocabulary of the writing topic. Then, each group comes to the board and writes down the vocabulary. After that the whole class can discuss the vocabulary meaning together in class and ask each student to use the vocabulary to write an article of the topic with the vocabulary discussed on the board. Another teaching method for English L2 writing classrooms is to use photos! The teacher can ask each student to bring 3 - 5 photos from a subject that the teacher is going to teaching for the next class. It can be travel photos, holiday photos, or other subject photos. Then, the teacher can ask students to work in pairs to exchange photos to tell each pair’s photo story and write the story down on a piece of paper. Then each student tells the story of his or her partner’s photo story in class. The last English L2 writing teaching method that I have is to use autobiography. The ESL teacher can ask each student to write his or her autobiography in class. I think it is very important to know how to write an autobiography for English L2 learners. It can be used in any levels of English L2 writing classrooms, because the autobiography can be from introducing yourself or your family to describing your life experience.
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