Successful Debating

Topics: Communication, Debate, Rhetoric Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: November 5, 2012
COR109 – Communication and Thought

Task 4 – Argumentative Essay

What are the key factors for success in debating: group/team processes and preparation, or the public speaking skills employed in the debate’s delivery? Use your own debate as a case study to answer this question and ground your analysis in communication theory. In your analysis, you must consider both the group work processes and presentation in answering the question.

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Communicating is successful debating and successful debating is dependent on the group processes and preparation because without the appropriate group planning the debate will lack cohesion and will therefore affect the delivery of the speech. A debate is to be grounded in the appropriate content regarding the topic, effective rebuttal and persuasiveness. Synergy is two or more forces that create a combined effect greater than that of an individual and to achieve synergy it is vital that all group members unite to successfully communicate, prepare and practise through group meetings. Conflict is often inevitable in group tasks due to many different factors whether it be a disagreement on ideas or because members are not contributing equally. Although conflict may seem like a disruption to the task and will therefore make it more difficult to work as a group, conflict is actually beneficial to the group members and to the task if dealt with appropriately. Public speaking skills employed in the debates delivery have a small contribution to the success of the debate. Public speaking skills come into play to add those finishing touches on a successfully planned debate. Public speaking can be a daunting task triggering nerves and all the domino affects that come with those nerves such as sweating, fast paced speaking, fidgeting and so on, that’s why it is vital that the group is prepared to lessen those nerves. Throughout the essay these points will be...
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