Successful Citizens Shaped by Italian Renaissance

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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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The Italian Renaissance was a period of great achievement that produced very influential masterworks that directly affects society today. The masterworks created by the genius artists during this time period are all greatly influenced by the philosophy of Humanism. Humanism of the Italian Renaissance was an education reform based off the idea that humans are the primary importance and centered on human’s values, capacities, and worth (Eugenio 534). This theory gives the knowledge necessary for a human being to be successful. This educational reform of Humanism was led by scholars, writers and civic leaders who are today known as humanists (Eugenio 534). Shaped by the philosophy of humanism, masterworks of literature and artwork from the Italian Renaissance demonstrate important practices, those practices of which set the foundation of the successful citizens in society today.

Italian Renaissance literature uses two aspects of Humanism that are practiced today in successful citizens: the use of proper grammar and persuasion. Humanist writers not only taught how to master these skills through their writing, but also why they are important. Lorenzo Valla is one of the most important humanist writers from the Italian Renaissance that explained the use of good grammar in his writings (Eugenio 535). His Elegantiae linguae Latinae, was a handbook that explained the importance of word diction and how much more successful one can become just by improving their vocabulary (Eugenio 535). His writings of word diction make an influence on the citizens of today’s society as one can easily observe that individuals with a great vocabulary tend to be sophisticated. Many can easily conclude that those with intelligence have a higher success rate than those who are not intelligent; therefore the use of good grammar is practiced by those interested in obtaining success. Francesco Filelfo is another Italian humanist writer whose literature is very influential as it explains...
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