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Catering potential in your community.

This task goes beyond estimating whether you have enough events to cater for in your area and whether you have the necessary drive and flair to stay in the course. You must explore the competition, find out about your competitor and see what the market they cover.

▪ Contact your local Bureau of Vital Statistics and Bureau of Records

▪ Check the local newspaper society columns

▪ Organizations – check some non profit organizations and fraternal clubs.

▪ Gather the necessary data – don’t forget to ask for relevant data from the chamber of commerce and your local administration office.

▪ Yellow pages – check yellow pages to get a sense of competition.

Choosing a NAME

Your business name reflects your identity. It shows your clients your idea about where you position yourself in catering business. Here are some guidelines.

▪ Experiment – don’t be afraid in experimenting when choosing your names. It could be the one that is most likely become imprinted in the prospective clients mind, you can name your business after your business characteristics, alternatively your name may represent a personal touch and if you are a known personality or famous chef you can name your business after your name.

▪ Let your name sell your business – remember that your name must serve first and foremost at a selling tool ▪ Choose the name that is pronounceable – it is easier for your customer to remember your business if your business name is easy to pronounce.

▪ Consider alphabetical order – it is important if you intend to rely upon sales generated from phonebook. People tend to look on the top list when faced in many choices.

▪ Avoid duplication – make sure that you are the name you register for your business is the only business that has that name. ▪ Legal requirements – check for name availability and register your name.

▪ Business entity formation – seek legal advice in developing tour business.

▪ Get tax number for you business
▪ Local and sales taxes

▪ Zoning – beware or zoning restrictions. Local ordinances may impose restrictions on where you locate your business.

▪ A license from the local health board is mandatory.
▪ Obtain a resale license – it is to prove your suppliers that you are in legitimate business and have the right to purchase from the purchaser.

▪ Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) is comprised of volunteers who help new business owners with the myriad of questions they have.

Insurance Requirements
Don’t have mistakes of not having the following types of insurances.

▪ Product liability insurance – was designed to protect such instance

▪ Liability insurance

▪ Fire insurance

Auto insurance – be aware that even when an employee uses his or her own car on your ▪ behalf you could be legally liable for an accident.

▪ Workers compensation insurance – avoid the risk of employee lawsuits

▪ Employee benefit insurance coverage


The pros and cons of home-based catering

Catering is the act of providing food and services.

Today catering is involved in so many aspects, whether the enterprise is home-based or a large scale operation. They say in many instances that the home-based caterers are limited experience, smaller insurance policies and less knowledge about proper sanitation. If you are thinking of testing the waters with a small scale, home-based business, you’ll need to consider the following issues.

▪ Health department regulations – you first need to check out the health department regulations that govern the catering trade when you intend to use your own kitchen. ▪ Consider renting a kitchen – one of the advantages it that you won’t need to employ any full-time employees and there is a whole army of part-timers who are willing to work when you...
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