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Topics: Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: July 21, 2011
Architecture is certainly one of the oldest and most respected career fields in the world. Today, there are a lot of architects, but not all of them are successful. So to become a successful architect there are some qualities you got to have, and the most important are being creative, having an artistic and historical background, and knowing how to convey a message. First of all, a successful architect should be creative; therefore you should have a very wide imagination, and be able of forming an image or a concept in your mind that is not actually present to your senses, so you should be able to experience a whole world inside your mind that he will later be brought to life. And when working with a client or a group some ideas are rejected, so you must never run out of ideas and always have backup ideas in your mind. Second, a successful architect should have an artistic and historical background, because for years and years there have been a number of successful architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, who have laid the foundation for all the future architects all over the globe. These architects had a hand in creating some of the most breathtaking and memorable designs that the world has ever laid eyes on. A successful architect should not go and try to solve problems that have already been solved, he should pick up where these successful architect had left and continue working to create new genius designs. And to do that, he should know the history and work of these architects that came before him, and also he should know the history of successful people in different artistic fields because their work may inspire him to create new designs. Last but not least, a successful architect should know how to convey a message. To become a successful architect you do not have to be an artist but you need a medium to get your ideas across, so you should be able to sketch or draw your ideas clearly. These days, most of the sketches are made on computers...
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