Success with Internet Business Models: “Pure-Play” Versus “Bricks-and-Clicks”

Topics: Business model, Marketing, Electronic commerce Pages: 8 (2563 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Success with Internet Business Models: “Pure-Play” versus “Bricks-and-Clicks” By
Bin Wu

Dr. Conley
GRW 500

February 16, 2013


The internet has become a necessary element of human being’s daily life. It is also a significant channel to do business in modern society. Due to advantages of internet business, the transactions have become easier than before. According to the analysis of “Pure-Play” internet business model and “Bricks-and-Clicks” business model, both of these two models have their characteristics. And the “Bricks-and-Clicks” model is more successful. However, there are several problems in the operation. With a number of ways, the problems could be dealt with perfectly. In a nutshell, internet business has become an important tool for the business transactions. And more and more enterprises and customers will be involved in e-commerce.

Keywords: internet business model, Pure-Play, Bricks-and-Clicks, operation, transaction

Title Success with Internet Business Models: “Pure-Play” versus “Bricks-and-Clicks” I. Introduction
A. Importance and advantages of internet business
B. Elements of internet business operation
C. Classification of Internet Business models
D. Thesis: the two fundamental models for internet business have their unique characteristics II. Body
A. “Pure-Play” Model
1. Definition
2. Classification of “Pure-Play” models
3. “Direct sellers” sector of B2C “Pure-play” and disintermediation 4. Key points of B2C “Pure-Play” success, ex: B. “Bricks-and-Clicks” Model
1. Definition
2. Advantages of “Bricks-and-Clicks”
3. Key points of B2C “Pure-Play” success, ex: Wal-Mart, education C. “Pure-Play” versus “Bricks-and-Clicks”
1. “Bricks-and-Clicks” is more successful
2. Reasons of “Bricks-and-Clicks” more successful 3. Existing problems of “Bricks-and-Clicks” III. Conclusion
A. The advantages of each internet business model
B. Reasons for standing out of “Bricks-and-Clicks” and problems should be paid attention to Success with Internet Business Models: “Pure-Play” versus “Bricks-and-Clicks”

With the development of technology, the internet has become an essential element of every human being’s daily life. Most people cannot do anything without the internet. So for modern enterprises, it is also extremely significant to implement business on the internet. In other words, e-commerce can become a bridge which connects customers to companies. It makes the process of trade easier than before. In specific terms, there are three major advantages to an internet business. Firstly, internet business is so convenient for business activities (Connie, 2000, para.3). Both sellers and buyers are able to trade without negotiation face-to-face. Shopping, auction, transaction and payment can be in progress at any time. Customers do not worry about stores’ open hours anymore, because they can order any goods on websites. Meanwhile, they also can acquire better value-added and more customization services. Secondly, e-commerce is very efficient way to solve problems (Rountree, 2001, para.7). By sharing and exchanging data and information via the internet, companies can improve efficiency on the whole process which includes production, inventory, transaction and cash flow. It saves a great deal of time and money. Lastly, commerce security can be guaranteed by technology of internet business (MacLeod, 2001, para.6). Trade secretes could be a key point of business transaction. And companies can use some software and firewalls to record, manage and encrypt their information more safely. Because of these advantages, more and more firms choose to implement their business on the internet. And there are three...
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