Success vs. Failure in Two Heroic Icons

Topics: Odyssey, Homer, Hero Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: April 28, 2008
Success vs. Failure in Two Heroic Icons

From generation to generation epic tales have been passed along in books and tales. Two tales that are completely different in plot and circumstance are similar in characteristics of the heroes in these epics. Similarly both characters change for the better throughout the plot line, and since the plot revolves around these characters they appear to be God like. They both have major obstacles in which they need to conquer but both exemplify some hubris which creates difficulty for them in their passage. Through all of these similarities it is the differences that made Odysseus successful in his journey where Oedipus fails. Odysseus succeeds with his sharp intellect, courage, and ability to follow instructions while Oedipus fails with his inability to take charge, his rash behavior, and that he lacks divine intervention. Odysseus, the hero from homer’s Odyssey, is famous for his ability to trick and deceive. His sharp intellect surpasses any other of his men. He in continually faced with misfortune and despair but manages to pull his way out of every situation. The most powerful example of his wit is when Odysseus and his men are trapped and captured by Polyphemus. Polyphemus ate a few of Odysseus’ men. Odysseus decides to get the Cyclops drunk and then he spears the monster in his eye, resulting in blinding Polyphemus. Odysseus and his men then sneak out with some sheep. This shows not only his sharp intellect but also his ability to take charge in a situation, unlike Oedipus.
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