Success Philosophy

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Standard of Success:
According to me success is benchmarking a target or goal and then putting my best in to achieve that target or goal. Comparing my performance with the already set benchmark and learning and adding value to me and the system and process involved is an indicator of success to me. For me success is continuously improving my skills and adding value to myself in whatever I do. Not always one ends up in achieving his/ her set targets or goals by 100%. But during the process everyone has a chance to learn from the process and add value to the system and the person himself and to me if I have done that during any task, whether I achieve a little less than the quantifiable benchmark already set for me, I am successful in terms of a learning experience for me. I firmly believe outperforming my last performance and then setting this performance as a new standard for whatever next is coming my way. For example during my university time I was President of the “Community Services Society”. Since I always believe in doing the best for the people around me I took an initiative for the underprivileged school going people of the SOS village. I still remember there were two working days left before the day of EID Holidays and I had a chance to do whatever I can to bring smile and happiness in face of these underprivileged kids studying there. The idea was to arrange some gift at the eve of Eid for them. So I gave myself a target of arranging a 100,000 PKR in those two days and then getting gifts out of this amount for these school going kids. I still remember I achieved around 72,521 PKR in two days for these underprivileged kids. This makes my performance around 72.5 % against set the target for me. But I still remember although I was not able to achieve 100% but the contentment and the satisfaction was impeccable. And this was because I took ownership of process and going to everyone for getting and collecting donations for these underprivileged children....
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