Success of Ells in High School

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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English Language Learners & Education:
How to Create Success in the Classroom
DeCapua, A., & Marshall, H. (2010). Students with limited or interrupted formal education in US classrooms. Urban Review, 42, 159-173.

This article addresses the challenges of learning in the US for a particular English Language Learner (ELL) group known as SLIFE (students with limited or interrupted formal education), who share the characteristics of having little to no English language proficiency, native language literacy, and education. Therefore, in order to teach SLIFE, there are two cultural factors that educators must consider: high-context (HC) vs. low-context (LC) cultures and pragmatic vs. academic approach to learning. The article focuses mostly on the difficulties of SLIFE digressing from the interdependence trait of HC cultures with a pragmatic orientation into achieving academic success in the US classroom, which depicts an LC or individualistic culture where learning is based on logic, abstract reasoning, and decontextualization. In order for high-context SLIFE to prosper in schools, the article discusses the Mutually Adaptive Learning Program (MALP), which assimilates cultural factors in both learning and teaching and helps SLIFE to deviate from their HC learning standards to the LC learning standards. With ample credible, cited references, this article successfully provides in-depth details on the correlation between a subgroup of ELLs and cultural factors in learning. Furthermore, this is a beneficial source since it presents numerous teaching methods and recommendations to aid SLIFE to becoming better students in US classrooms.

DelliCarpini, M. (2008). Success with ELLs. English Journal, 98(2), 98-101.

The author of this article happens to be a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) teacher educator in a graduate program, and she outlines modifications in classroom lessons for English Language Learner (ELL) students....
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