Success of Bmw Campaign

Topics: BMW Z3, Neiman Marcus, James Bond Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: May 16, 2011
The BMW campaign consisted of many major and small events which helped to market the new BMW Z3 roadster to the public. However, the question now is whether the campaign is successful in accomplishing that goal. Success of the BMW campaign can be measured in several ways. For example, it can be measured by its objectives (whether the objectives of the campaign have been met) or by the number of pre-orders made. In this case, due to the lack of knowledge about the number of pre-orders made after each event, we will be measuring by its objectives. We have identified 5 major objectives to the campaign as shown in the case. They are: (1) to motivate and stimulate dealer network, (2) develop an Order Bank, (3) reposition BMW as stylish and fun, (4) positioning Z3 in American culture and most importantly, (5) improve BMW’s brand awareness. To see whether the objectives have been met, we shall examine each individual event carefully. Dealer Advertising and Promotions

Dealers’ support for BMW Z3 is important in launching this new car to the public. With 345 dealers and only 150 display cars during the promotional period, it proved to be a challenge for this partnership to occur. However, the dealers upgraded to meet the challenge and an order bank was developed. In addition, the dealer promotional package which showcased the private screening of the Golden Eye film and car before the box office film opening proved to be very effective in raising BMW’s brand awareness. As quoted, “these events attracted great local publicity, appearing in local newspapers, and often reported on metropolitan television and radio”. Their innovative package has also help to reposition BMW as being stylish and fun, which was also a way to help improve the Z3’s standing in the American market. As such, all the objectives have been met for this event, thus proving the success and effectiveness of this event. Product Placement in Golden Eye

This non-traditional method of branded...
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