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Success Is a Natural by-Product of Talent, Determination and Character

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Success Is a Natural by-Product of Talent, Determination and Character

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  • October 2011
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Success is a natural by-product of talent, determination and character It takes much more than talent to generate success. Success like a cup of tea is best enjoyed in increments or sips. In the same way success requires a precise blend of key ingredients. Few persons have been able to create this perfect blend of talent, determination and character which are prerequisites of success. For persons like Kirani James who have unlocked the secret to this miracle blend through his efforts and through the efforts of those who helped mold him success was inevitable. September 1st 1992 a star was born in the person of Kirani James. While he may have been born with the genes to become a world class athlete that alone was not enough. His raw talent had to be nurtured and molded. The long hours he spent in training and the sacrifices he made in his early development laid the foundation for the success that he is now experiencing. James, who specializes in the 200 and 400 meters, represented his secondary school the Grenada Boys Secondary (G.B.S.S.). At the age of fourteen Kirani had the fastest 400m time ever where he claimed seven gold medals at both Carifita and the common wealth games for his home country. He also defeated his fellow Grenadian sprinter and school rival Rondell Bartholomew setting his personal best of 45.45s and breaking Jamaican sprinter Usin Bolt six year old record of 46.55s. James created such a buzz in the Athletic world that he was offered scholarships to study in the United States by ten different collages. He eventually accepted a scholarship from Alabama State. None of these achievements would have been possible without hard work and determination. Kirani is putting the small island of Grenada on the map not just by his performance but by the quality of his character. He expresses his gratitude by always taking the time to say thank you to those who would of help mould him in to the star athlete he is today. His humility and simplicity are...

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