Success Is a Journey Not a Destination

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  • Published : September 13, 2011
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When I was fifteen, my mom always said. “You have to be the best women when you grow up my daughter”. Until now, I always remember what she said. After SPM, my result is not as good as I expected. I feel so frustrated at that time. Fortunately, my parents give me some strength and said, “if you fail this time, that’s not mean you fail forever”. They do not show their sadness with my result in front of me eventhough I know in their hearts they have a little dissappointed with my result. At that time, I said to myself, I will repay what I did. My luck was lucky, I got an offer to matriculation. Because of my result is not good, i got an offer for two years programme matriculation. But I don’t care of the sort of thing because I was promised to myself that I want to study hard and get a good result. After finished my matriculation programme, I got flying colours result and qualified to get JPA scholarship.

Most of my UPU application, I chose University Technology Malaysia ( UTM) because since I was in matriculation I had a dreamt to enter there because my ambition at that time to be an engineer. But my mom said, because i am a girl, engineer is not suit for me. My mom ask me to take an edution course. I just follow my mom and change my application form. I still remembered, from eight choice, I just put one for the education course because I followed my mom words. But the rest, I still chose the course that related with engineering job like pure chemistry, pure math and perhaps I was so stubborn at that time and I still put petroleum engineering but for my last choice.

While waiting for UPU results, I am not working. I just sit at home and become a fat house cat. Maybe I consume too much but the fact that I am very sure that nobody can challenge my mom cooking. I am pretty sure every children in this world will said like this for their mom cooking. Then, UPU result was announced, I was very happy because I got what I...
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