Success in Life Does Not Need a Degree

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Most of the statistics says that almost every person who succeeded in his life and became famous also well known was outliers, in science, invention or businesses. For example, Albert Einstein, the most famous mathematician ever, he dropped from school not college and became a role model also an idol. In the article as the author mentioned that being successful and rich doesn’t need us to go to college complete our studies and have a certificate in the field that we are passionate about, we just have to drop school and start working on our passion. She is kind of saying that college put down our hop, faith in our self and our potential, and obligating us to go in it to waste time while we can work freely on our own business. Truth to de said she did good researches and looked up for fantastic people such as, Bill Gates, Steven Jobs and Cameron Johnson that others consider them a role models and look up to them, yet she didn't investigate deeply in their personal life. For example, did she interview them? Did she ask them who they met to help them? Who founded them? Thought the author – Lauren Drell - mentioned some good details about their life and what have they been through to convince us to drop college in order to start working on our passion, I disagree with her because of many reasons. First important reason, these people are courageous, for example, when Cameron Johnson dropped out from college, although his parents disagreed with him, and being accepted in any college is not easy, he ignored them and listens to his mind. As parents they were afraid on their sun future because they know how the life is difficult without a certificate, failing and becoming unemployed is hard thing to live with. Disappointment, frustration and failing might lead to some serious issue could destroy your life Furthermore dropping college after getting in it won’t be as easy as it sounds, because preparation for it, meet the requirements and getting a certificate as an...
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