Success Factors for Self-Paced Online Learning in Business

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  • Published: February 20, 2012
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Success Factors for Self-paced Online Learning in Business

Success Factors for Self-paced Online Learning in Business
Entering the twenty-first century, businesses and organizations are turning to e-learning as a cost effective and efficient means of workplace learning. Self-paced online learning is computer based instruction offered by organizations where students work at their own pace. Variations of support may exist, but students/learners generally work independently. In academia this kind of learning is called distant learning, online learning, or independent studies. In business, is often refers to learning modules, e-learning, or online training. As business turns to this method of learning, employers and instructors will continue to pursue what makes self-paced online learning effective. An examination of recent research shows that successful and positive outcomes with e-learning depend more on factors within the learner, rather than the chosen e-learning tools themselves. Employee motivation, beliefs, and job competency impact the effectiveness of e-learning. While there is a general belief that online learning benefits business as a whole, there appears to be very little known about the outcomes of online training, or what constitutes effective training methods (Dalston & Turner, 2011). Recent dissertation research on self-paced online learning continually points to factors within the workplace learner as factors influential for effective learning experiences. This paper will systematically examine the impact that employee motivation, beliefs, and job competency have on the effectiveness of e-learning in the workplace. Motivation

Employees learn more effectively when motivated. Motivation characterizes the driving force behind the decisions and choices people make. One motivating factor in the process of e-learning in a workplace environment is a basic understanding of task value. If there is ambiguity and lack of information...
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