Success Essay

Topics: High school, Truman State University, English-language films Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Success isn't measured by the number of points you have scored or the number of state championships you have won. It's measured by the obstacles and challenges you have overcame to get there. Nothing great happens without enthusiasm or the time it takes to make it happen. I've overcame many challenges in my high school career in preparation for college and the rest of my life. I've dealt with rejection, hard finals I wasn't slightly prepared for and losing friends. Rejection was tough, especially my freshman and sophomore year. I've learned I'm not the smoothest with the ladies and I defiantly can’t dance. I've been rejected by friends who want nothing but to smoke and drink, but most importantly by my swim team. I've always wanted to be a varsity swimmer but I could never be fast or strong enough. My swim team didn't accept or respect me as a varsity swimmer. I overcame this by powering through the pool and the gym during the off season. I expressed diligence and commitment during the off season to be a varsity swimmer. It took 4 years to get there but I finally am able to call myself a varsity swimmer. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. As anyone knows finding friends you click with is very hard in high school, especially if you're extremely tall and a little socially awkward. I lost a few "good" friends that I thought were going to be there for me whenever I needed them. Some of them I lost to drugs and alcohol. I was one of the few in my group who stayed sober and off drugs. My good friend Trevor and I started going to youth group and found common ground with others in our youth group. Even though we were ridiculed for leaving our old friends, it worked out in the end. Girls were the worst in rejections I have faced. During my freshman and sophomore year I constantly chased girls and asked them to hang out slowly realizing that girls don't like people who bug them. They want guys who just chill and talk to them when they want to. That taught me...
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