Success Essay

Topics: Ford Motor Company, Abraham Lincoln, 2008 Summer Olympics Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Success Essay
"Success is when preparation meets opportunity." These profound words arose from one outstanding motivational speaker Hilary Ziglar, also known as “Zig” Ziglar, endured the painful loss of his beloved father and younger sister at the age of six. Aside from all his early childhood difficulties, Ziglar never gave up and ended up rising to success. It is only human for mankind to hope for noble triumph more willingly than wretched failure. Although, the unbelievable sensation of sweet victory is what we long for, maybe losing is the secret ingredient in success. It forces one to strive harder for ultimate goals, lets us discover different sides of the situation, and teaches us lessons that winning under no circumstances will.

There are no negative effects of losing unless you give up after you tried. One prime example is President Abraham Lincoln. Even though he lost several elections before being elected, he never gave up; after every disappointing loss, he continued working hard for the next election to come. Lincoln not only became head of state but he will always be recalled as one of the utmost presidents in U.S. history. Another unforgettable success is Henry Ford who suffered bankruptcy and lost his ownership in The Detroit Automobile Company. This major setback had little or no effect on Henry. Later on, Henry achieved key success with the Ford Motor Company which modernized the transportation industry. I myself have experienced the outcome that comes from losing. After years of severe training I, Juan Grajales, lost my first chance at a Junior Swimming Olympic title at the early age of 15. Frustrated and glum, I kept trying, achieving my first Junior Olympic title two years later breaking the world record in the 100 butterfly. Winning is known to adjust people’s attitude making them overconfident, conceit and arrogant, losing on the other hand alters peoples approach constructing them superior than they ever were.

The emotional bitterness...
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