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Success = Life

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” This quote said by Thomas Jefferson basically means that a person with positive thinking would succeed more than a person with negative thinking. I personally agree with this quote because I myself have many goals that I want to achieve in my life such as becoming a Police Officer. I have been taking the educational path and attending college to achieve my goal. My overall goal in being a Police Officer will have to take several paths before reaching my final destination.

To become a Police Officer it takes motivation, attitude, and courage, just like any other goal in a person’s life. Becoming a Police Officer is one of my long-term goals that I want to accomplished because I would like to help others make the world a better and safer place that we live in. Another reason why I want to achieve this goal is because, I want to be able to have a stabled salary to support my family in the future. The first step that I have taken towards this goal, is being able to think before my actions, and not get into any trouble. My second step to becoming a police officer is going to college and studying Criminal Justice. Another way I can achieve this goal is by being a positive citizen in my community by continuing to help others. That leads into being respectful. Being a respectful person will help me achieve my goals because it would define me as a person and a future Police Officer.

Another goal I want to accomplished is eventually becoming a Detective on the Police force. This is another long-term goal that I want to succeed in, but the best thing about this goal is that I need to accomplished another goal before accomplishing this specific one. Sometimes in life people may have a goal, that leads into another goal. The main reason why I want to eventually become a Detective because I like to figure...
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