Topics: Failure, Neanderthal, Field Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Success is never an accident. It is always a result of confidence aim and hard work Man has been in this world for millions of years his journey from an ape to Neanderthal to homosappiens to man he is now is a process called evolution .in between all these years man has never been stagnant ,he was and is still doing progress in all the fields .the desire to go ahead had always been there which never let him stagnant. Hard work was also there, but the most important thing he had which played a major role in his progress was confidence. Yes confidence that he will be able to do it was the key to life whenever we will look at the history of mankind we will observe that, it was only the men with confidence who have succeeded .Galileo the famous scientist was considered as a mad person when he discovered earth as round, but it was his confidence about his own findings that made his way. History shows that people who have been confident about themselves have never been defeated in life. We have heard many stories about Mr. Amitabh Bacchhan; the great actor had not become a star in one night, even he had his share of failure in the initial stages of his career .many directors rejected him. BUT HE HAD CONFIDENT IN HIS TALENT WHICH HAD TAKEN HIM TO THE HEIGHTS HE HAD CLIMBED. I know that HARD WORK HAS TO BE there IN ANY FIELD but when we are confident about anything we automatically do hard work for it. The desire to get things done the eagerness to find a way ahead comes from the confidence within ourselves .Remember we cannot do anything about the length of our life but we can do something about its width and depth. We have many times seen that people without confidence often tend to have failures in life .so many students fail in their exams ,even if they have all the knowledge ,they are not confident about their capabilities which results in their failure. Even adults when it comes to work if they are not confident about their own project it results into lack of...
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