Succeed in Math

Topics: Gender, Mathematics, High school Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Gabrielle La Madrid
Professor Rudd
English 099
02 October 2012
Succeed in Math
To understand the differences in society that deals with success in Mathematics, a person should know the difference between how men and women use math to aim towards their bright future. Students should know the challenges that intimidate citizens from different countries and how they gain their hope. One of the differences is whether or not students hear how parents and teachers resolve this major issue in their lives. Gender and Ethnicity make students experience social and cultural issues that affect their success in education, particularly in Math.

Men and Women are different, but they can find ways that will lead them to success in Math. Both genders develop false stereotypes and put-downs within society that will prevent other men or women from reaching their high expectations. Researchers say men are much more likely to approach new methods in mathematics than females. Men try using their literacy skills by practicing math problems and understanding the concept. When men reach adolescence, they may lose concentration because they are distracted by many other things-like sports or video games. When it comes to examinations, Men may have many distractions, but they somehow manage to use the time to study for tests, specifically the math SAT. As Lise Eliot mentioned, Pink Brain, Blue Brian, “Males have consistently scored between thirty-five and forty points higher than females on the math SAT” (209). This statement shows that men have consistently scored higher than women. This means that the gap between boys and girls is affecting females’ possibilities of college admissions, scholarships, and development of math abilities. As for the women, experts say females function stronger in math than men when calculating numbers and formulas from nursery school to twelfth grade. When women reach their...
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