Subway Is the Better Fast Food Restaurant.

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Obesity Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: March 26, 2013

Subway Is The Better Fast Food Restaurant.

Living in this crazy world that is today, where family dinners consist of whatever fast food restaurant is on the way home from work. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is no wonder why 33% of American adults and 17% of American children are obese. Subway and McDonald’s are the two giants in the fast food world. They have both fans and boycotters. However Subway is a better fast food restaurant than McDonalds, due to Subway’s children’s meals choices, advertising, amount of locations and nutrition.

Advertising is the way that companies bring in customers. Advertisements can make mouth water and the consumer crave what the advertisement is offering. Subway has an advertising campaign that offers a “limited time” deal where the consumer can get a certain type of Foot long sandwich for five dollars. The deals last a month long. At the end of the month the sandwich is switched out and another one is put in its place. McDonald’s has a similar deal. They come out with specialty sandwiches or burgers every few months for example the McRib which is only three inches and cost four dollars. McDonald’s advertises to the younger consumers while Subway advertises to a “healthier” consumer. Both ways of advertising are far and legal. However no parent wants to deal with their child, which has just seen an ad for a “Happy Meal”, throwing a temper tantrum because they do not get to have a “Happy Meal.” Both companies are bringing in consumers in the masses.

McDonald’s and Subway have kid’s meals. This is a meal that has a smaller portion meant for a child. The Subway “Fresh Fit” kid’s meals have a choice of “mini sandwich” which is three inches, and the child’s choice of a side and a drink. The choices include: chips, apple slices, or a cookie for the side and three different kinds of milk, juice, water, or a small soda for the drink. The calories range for these meals is from 150 to...
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