Subway Expansion Plan

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Growth Expansion Plan



Submission Date:
August 24, 2006

Submitted To:
Mr. Ali Amir

Submitted By:
Abdul Majid (3717)
Mohammad Ali Husnain (1959)
Hena Anwar (2219)
Reem Nazim (4017)
Syed Sohaib Ahmed (3881)

Letter of Transmittal

Mr. Ali Amir
Institute of Business Management (IoBM),

Dear Mr. Amir,

Please accept the Term Project entitled ‘Growth Expansion Plan for SUBWAY’.

The purpose of writing this report has been to analyse the various existing and emerging trends prevailing within the Fast Food Industry in Pakistan with critical evaluation of the gaps and issues faced by Subway. The report suggests a growth expansion plan that entails growth objectives together with strategies, tactics and activation plan to address the identified gaps.

We would like to acknowledge your guidance and support and would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude for giving us the opportunity to learn which we feel would be greatly helpful in our future endeavors.


Abdul Majid (3717)
Mohammad Ali Husnain (1959)
Hena Anwar (2219)
Syed Sohaib Ahmed (3881)
Reem Nazim (4017)


We wish to acknowledge Mr. Ali Amir, our course instructor for his utmost support and guidance at every step during the course that helped us in the preparation of this report. We thank him for being patient and helpful in answering our queries, and clarifying all our confusions and misconceptions over the technical aspect of this Brand Management Report.

We would also like to thank Mr. Tariq Salim, Developing Agent of South of Pakistan for Subway and Mr. Alam Baig, Manager Subway KDA Branch for providing us with the relevant information that helped us in compiling the report.

Table of Contents
External Scan5
Category Analysis9
Customer Trends and Attitudes10
Mind Mapping12
Competitors’ Review13
About Subway17
Subway – A look into the past17
Subway – vision19
Company Internal Analysis23
SWOT Analysis23
The Last Four Years Achievements23
Key Issues/ Gaps Of Brand24
Portfolio Analysis25
Smart Objectives27
Marketing Strategies27
Perceptual Mapping29
Subway Activation Calendar30
Brand Communication32
Brand Activation34
Brand Promotion34
Brand Innovation35
Revamped Four Ps37
Trade Marketing Plan (Channel Focus)40
Contingency Plan40
Annex – 1- Questionnaire (Subway)44
Annex – 2 - Questionnaire (Competitors)47
Annex – 3- Research Findings49
Annex- 4 – Business Cards59
Annex- 5 – Financial Data60


The report presents growth expansion plan for Subway in Pakistan’s food consumer industry, which contributes about 51.3 percent to the country’s GDP. To this end, Subway Food Chain sees an excellent growth opportunity in Pakistan since the consumers are becoming more familiar with Western products and have developed a heightened sense of the need to eat nutritional low fat food.

The report also presents SWOT analysis of Subway together with the mind mapping of a typical subway consumer. On the basis of this analysis Subway may turn its weaknesses into strengths and cash on the opportunities available in the market through meticulously defined objectives, well-planned strategies, tactics and brand building tools such as communication, activation, innovation and promotional campaigns. The strategies and tactics to build more awareness and loyalty by promotion of Subway’s image and mission has been suggested together with concentrating on the expansion or diversifying marketing and distribution channels.

This report challenges the current market leader in multiple ways simultaneously to erode competition and thereby capture market share. To increase current market share, the aim is to retain current customers and acquire new...
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