Subsystems of a Spacecraft

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Subsystems of a Spacecraft
Spacecrafts have become the latest buzz in the world of science and engineering. Engineers are everyday carrying out numerous experiments and analyses to design some new spacecrafts that can help humans explore the world outside the planet earth in an easier way. Designing spacecrafts is like a dream for all the aeronautical engineers all over the world. The making of these equipments requires the involvement of several different engineering fields together, including system engineering, communications engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Thus, we would look at some of the major subsystems that come together to form an entire spacecraft. The very first subsystem of a spacecraft is its design and the overall structure. All the spacecrafts usually have a special spacecraft bus that helps in carrying the payload around and then putting it at exactly the right position. The division of the loads and the structure for boosting the use of fuel and provision of housekeeping services are some of the most important things that define the overall structure of the spacecraft. The spacecrafts also has a special subsystem called the telemetry, tracking and control function. This subsystem is one of the most important parts of the spacecraft because it establishes communication between the spacecraft and the ground. The spacecrafts are usually controlled by an operator sitting in a control room and hence it is crucial for a sound contact system. And this feature requires another sound subsystem and that is a communication channel. The engineers in the spacecraft need to have a two way communication system wherein they can send information back to earth and can accept directions and guidelines from the people on earth. Communication subsystem of the spacecrafts needs to be designed in a way so that no delay takes place during the transfer of information. Nothing in this world can work without some form of power and hence...
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