Substation Control and Monitoring System

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Over the past decade the electrical power industry has undergone many changes. Vertically integrated utilities have been transformed into smaller companies. Transmission and Generation systems are increasingly relying on advanced digital and computational elements for protection and control of their substation and transmission. The Substation Control and Monitoring System (SCMS) is a major part of advanced power system management. Better control and faster performance are achieved by performing local tasks in the substation. This system provides better protection of valuable substation equipment.

The SCMS accommodate any existing intelligent electronic devices (IED) and fully integrate new technologies and equipment for control, protection, disturbance recording, and condition monitoring. This system is fully capable of being integrated with the Distributed Management System (DMS).

Executive Summary

This report deals with use and operation of the Substation Control and Monitoring (SCMS) which is a system that monitors and controls breakers, generators, transformers, surge arrestor monitoring, and a host of other secondary equipment monitoring.

Chapter one in the report discusses the importance and the general definition of the SCMS, whereas chapter two is more focused on the utilizations and operations of the SCMS. An analysis was made in chapter three using life-cycle analysis, maintenance task analysis, and level-of-repair analysis. Thereafter an attempt was made to identify some of its logistical problems and weaknesses in a bid to proffer solutions to such problems raised. Acknowledgments

First of all the praise and thanks to Allah for his infinite help and his grateful gifts. Second thanks for our supervisor Dr. Kamal Jafaar for his excellent guidance, patience and support. we also appreciate his efforts and encouragement. Special acknowledgement is given to all colleagues in class for their assistance and their support that they provided to us.

We also grateful to University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) for providing us with the necessary tools and appropriate environment to work.

Finally, we thank our families for their prayers and support during our studies.


We declare that the work in this report was carried out in accordance with the regulations of University of Wollongong in Dubai. Any views expressed in the report are those of the authors and in no way represent those of University of Wollongong

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Excutive summaryII



Chapter 1 Introduction1-3

Chapter 2 Operations and Configuration of the SCMS……………….4


2.2Human Machine Interface 1 (HMI 1) - Operator Workstation (OPS) 7

2.3Human Machine Interface 2 (HMI 2) – Engineering Workstation (EWS)7

2.4Power Automation System (PAS) – Master Controller7

2.5Bay Control Unit (BCU)7-9

2.6Global Positioning System (GPS) 10

2.7Ethernet Switch10

2.8Serial Hub (S-Hub)10

2.9Color Printer10

2.10 Event Printer10

2.11Type of Signals used in the SCMS10

2.11.1Status Signal10

2.11.2Alarm Signal10-11

2.11.3Command Signal11

2.11.4Analog Signal11

Chapter 3 Life-Cycle, Maintenance and level-of-Repair Analysis ……………….12

3.1Life-Cycle Cost Analysis13-14

3.2Maintenance Task Analysis14

3.2.1Preventive Maintenance 14

3.2.2Corrective Maintenance15

3.3Level-of-Repair Analysis (LORA)15

Chapter 4 Monitoring, Control & Operational Capabilities…... 16


4.1.1 Monitor Meters Only17

4.1.2 Monitor Meters and Breaker Status17

4.1.3 Monitoring...
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