Substation Commissioning Manual

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Application Areas3
Safety Aspects3
Cold Commissioning (GP - Step 108.4)4
Check Readiness for Individual Tests (GP - Activity 108.4.1)4 Perform Individual Tests (GP - Activity 108.4.6)4
1. Outdoor Circuit Breaker (SF6)4
2. Outdoor Disconnector9
3. Current Transformer11
4. Voltage Transformer19
5. HV connections23
6. Power Transformer26
7. MV Cable38
8. Substation Earthing Resistance40
9. Interlockings44
Hot Commissioning (GP - Step 108.5)45
Check Readiness for Hot Commissioning (GP - Activity 108.5.1)45 10. Start Up (GP - Activity 108.5.2)46

Application Areas
This manual is intended to act as a handbook for commissioning works at substation site. The manual deals mainly with main outdoor components and their connections to the secondary systems. It should be noted that this manual is a basic one and any additions or changes to the commissioning scope of works or to the method of working described in the manufacturers' component wise manuals should be checked and considered. Since the secondary metering and protection devices are under constant development it is difficult to provide any detailed commissioning instruction that would be up to date and cover the complete range of the concerned devices. Therefore it is advisable to rely on the commissioning methods and instructions described by the manufacturer in the component's manual. The references made to different steps and activities within GP are referring to ABB's internal Group Process Description for Commissioning Process.

Safety Aspects
During the commissioning works several safety hazards are present. It is the duty of the chief commissioning engineer and the site manager to ensure that the commissioning personnel is made aware of the possible dangers and that the necessary action are taken to remove or limit the risks. The commissioning crew has to be also aware which actions to take if something happens i.e. where is the nearest hospital or doctor, how is the possible evacuation planned to be carried out and where is the nearest first aid kit, etc. It has to be emphasized that the safety of every day work rests ultimately in the hands of each and every individual at the site. The document 107.4.1.xx "Site Safety Plan" shall form the basis for this introduction. When working at site which is partially energised during the commissioning, it is very important to clearly mark the border between the existing (energised) installation and the new one under commissioning. The accidentally switching operations resulting energising the parts under commissioning has to be reliably prevented by the means of pad locks or similar methods. The possibility to carry out switching operations from remote or from any supervisory systems has to be also prevented. When the "live parts" (i.e. non earthed parts under normal operation) of the outdoor components are touched, it is important to protect against induced voltages. This has to be kept in mind specially when working with parts that are galvanically connected to the outgoing overheadlines. Energising of a substation, or a part of it, should always be done by the operational people from the client's side and not by the commissioning engineers.

Cold Commissioning (GP - Step 108.4)
Individual Tests
These are tests done for a single type of a object (equipment) or for a single type of a scheme. The tests do not include interfacing between different type of equipment or schemes. As an exanple can be mentioned the tests performed for a circuit breaker or for a interlocking scheme. Integrated Tests

These are tests done between different objects or different schemes. As an example can be mentioned the testing of a circuit breaker control via scada system. These tests typically require the presence of commissionig engineers from different fields of expertise.

Check Readiness for Individual Tests (GP - Activity 108.4.1) Preconditions for starting...
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