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1st Battalion, 6th Field Artillery Regiment
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

AFFA-AB 19 October 2009


SUBJECT: A/1-6 FA Unit Substance Abuse Program SOP

1. Purpose: This Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) is a unit specific substance abuse program for A/1-6 FA. Drug and alcohol abuse are not compatible with military service and every effort must be made to eliminate the abuse of alcohol and other drugs within this command through education, prevention efforts, and drug detection (unit urinalysis). This SOP and the references listed below will be used when conducting all urinalysis collections, drug and alcohol training, and prevention programs.

2. Applicability: All assigned and attached battery personnel.

3. References:

a. AR 600-85, The Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP), dated 02 February 2009.

b. Standing Operating Procedure, Army Center for Substance Abuse Programs (ACSAP), SOP for Installation/Community/Area Support Group Collection, Handling and Shipping of Urine Specimens, dated 15 November 2001.

c. Commander’s Guide and Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) Urinalysis Collection Handbook, ACSAP, dated 01 June 2006.

4. Drug Use/Abuse:

a. Using a controlled drug without prescription, or using the prescription of someone else, is drug abuse and is against the law. Inappropriately using your own prescription is also drug abuse.

b. Abusers are subject to punishment under the provisions of the UCMJ, as well as administrative action in accordance with existing regulations.

c. Urinalysis testing is an accurate identifier of offenders and serves as an effective deterrent against experimentation. Toward the goal of eliminating illicit drug use and abuse, the Battery Commander will administer a 100% urinalysis not less than once every three months. In addition, not less than 10% of the battery will be randomly selected for a urinalysis every week. There will also be a 100% urinalysis conducted in conjunction with any block leave period as well as during four randomly selected four-day weekends. Individuals will be tested after returning from AWOL status, arrest by civilian law enforcement, or temporary duty assignment lasting over 14 days.

5. Responsibilities:

a. Battery Commander will:

1. Appoint a Primary Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) and a minimum of one alternate UPL by means of an appointment memorandum.

2. Ensure that the policies and procedures contained in the references cited above are followed by the UPLs.

3. Select observers for all urinalysis collections (see observer minimum requirements in Commanders Guide and UPL Handbook).

4. Select an NCO/Officer to be in charge of the holding area during collection procedures.

5. Report positive drug results for all drugs that have no legitimate medical use as specified by USAMEDCOM to the CID. Currently those drugs are: marijuana, cocaine, LSD, PCP, MDMA (ecstasy), MDEA, MDA, and heroin. The report of positives should be accomplished within 72 hours following notification from the Fort Knox Substance Abuse Prevention Center and Installation Biochemical Test Coordinator (IBTC).

6. Schedule Medical Review Officer (MRO) appointments for Soldiers testing positive for drugs which have a possible legitimate medical use. Currently those drugs are codeine, morphine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, steroids (from a special test request) and any barbiturate. Appointments must be scheduled for the earliest possible date following notification from the Fort Knox Substance Abuse Prevention Center. If the MRO review indicates non-legal use, report the positive result to CID within 72 hours of the MRO notification.

7. Refer Soldiers that have positive specimens, excluding those determined to be legitimate use by the MRO, to the Army Substance Abuse Program....
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