Substance Abuse - Heroin

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Substance Abuse - Heroin


Substance abuse is a problem that is an epidemic all over the world. America is not the only country suffering from heroin addiction. The misuse and abuse of drugs occurs at all age levels, in almost all social settings and at workplace occurrence in all occupation and industries. It has significant negative impacts that affect every community though out the world. Drugs affect all of us in one way shape or form. The government is making every attempt to extinguish the narcotic culture but it appears to be a losing battle from the beginning. Heroine has become a world epidemic that we see on the news and read about in the morning paper. The usage of heroin has increased over the last three decades and shows little sign of decreasing. This addiction is creating issues for every city and town throughout North America as well as larger populated areas in Europe. The normal method of use of heroin is through an injection, which creates more issues beyond addition such as AIDS and other incurable deceases.

The Drug issues in American have forced the government to hold a zero tolerance policy when it involved drugs. These policies were created with the idea that drug use is all too common epidemic, that is increasing the grips on communities and this policies basis is to remove all of the illegal use of drugs all together. It’s never as easy as the foundation states no matter the way it is approached. The idea is to punish for the use, trafficking and creation of the illegal narcotics to make those whom consume, sell or create will be punished with jail or fines. The current investment is currently listed as 400 billion US dollars yearly. Even though the Government has made every attempt to limit this it has been shown that drugs use is on the rise, not just in North America, but other continents as well such as Europe and South America. Watch the television and listen to the radio about the war on drugs. One of the public policies in America is the drug maintenance programs. There has been noted a decline in health outcomes with the use of heroine narcotics. Heroine addition is a crippling and horrible issue known by many that inject or snort heroine. The Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 has approved the use of one of the substitutes of opiate which is Buprenorphine that slowdown the addition of heroine. Buprenorphine is a substitute drug that enables the user to slowly recover and withdraw completely. The way heroin overdose happens is nothing short of the same issue other drugs have. The user takes more and more of the same drug to gain the same effect. The main issue is that heroine overdoes will most likely kill the user. One needs to understand what heroin does to the human brain to under understand the addition as this epidemic hits the American mainstream. Heroin enters the brain, where it is converted to morphine and binds to receptors known as opioid receptors. These receptors are located in many areas of the brain especially those involved in the perception of pain and in reward. When a user shoots up heroin, or snorts it, they report feeling a surge of euphoria. With regular heroin use, tolerance develops, in which the user’s physiological response to the drug decreases as the more drug is administered to achieve the same euphoric state. Where the issue begins to happen when the users increases the dosage attempting to achieve the same euphoric state and over does on the narcotic. Overdoes is caused by respiratory failure leading to death. If a heroin user who is on the Buprenorphine treatment decides to take heroin or any other opiates after using Buprenorphine, they won’t receive additional effects which is a great starting point. Buprenorphine has a good blocking point and ceiling effect for safety. On a positive note, the effects of Buprenorphine are noted at low doses. Which means that the more doses taken...
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