Substance Abuse Group Therapy

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  • Published : February 10, 2011
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The topic that I chose to talk about is Group Therapy for those who have been or still our addict. I am going to talk to you about the general information on group therapy, what they have to offer and I will also touch on where group therapy is offered.

When it comes to alcohol and drug addiction recovery, there is no one 'best' approach to recovering from an addiction and there is no single part of the process which works exactly the same for each person. However, group sessions have come to be seen as one of the best possible therapies for those in addiction recovery. Group therapy sessions can be extremely helpful to many struggling with addiction. The types of groups will be discussed are support groups (by which we mean self-help and support meetings, typically free of charge), group sessions and or groups which are educational in nature, which are spoken by professionals.

The first group that I’m going to be talking about is called Group sessions, whether it is for support or as a clinical therapy have may have several benefits such as: 1). Learning that there are others who share the same problems, or problems similar to yours. While their addictions may not be the same as yours, you'll find that there are a lot of similarities to how you and the other members of the group experience addiction - meaning that you can learn many good coping strategies from each other. 2). You will probably have the opportunity to see someone with the same problems as you who has come farther along through the recovery process that you'll realize that there is hope for you; which will give you additional even more of a reason to want to stay in recovery. 3). Being able to get some things off of your chest can be a big help towards getting you closer to your recovery. We are by nature social animals and having a group to share your troubles with can make your recovery easier to bear. 4). Group sessions are a great way to build your social skills.

Secondly there is an...
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