Substance Abuse Asian American

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Heroin Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: April 25, 2011
What Can Influence APA Substance Abuse • Stress from home life • Psychological stress from being an APA • Pressure from parents to do well in school - increase in abuse of prescription drugs like adderall. - Adderall is the prescribed drug for people with ADHD. Substance Abuse While Asian Americans overall had the lowest rate of drug use among all groups, the illicit drug use rate for Pacific Islanders, in contrast, is 9.1 percent higher than any other ethnic or racial group. In addition, treatment admissions for stimulant abuse among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are nearly four times higher than total admissions for this condition. http:// Challenges of Asian-American Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment There are a number of cultural issues that come into play when attempting to treat an AsianAmerican suffering from addiction. For one thing there is a pervasive attitude about psychological conditions with Asian cultures that present a problem. Simply put, among Asian families, there is a tendency to believe that any condition of the mind (such as addiction) is not a real problem. That means many men and women of Asian descent will not seek the addiction treatment help they need. Also, families are much less likely to provide support for their loved ones living with addiction if they do not take the matter seriously. Also, Asian cultures place a great emphasis on self-control. Addiction represents a loss of control, and as such many men and women will be fearful of seeking help for their condition. Drug rehab programs help address this issue by creating specific behavior regimens that, if followed, can lead to a long-lasting sobriety. Common Drug Addictions among Asian-Americans Although there are a wide variety of different addictions among Asian-Americans, the most commonly found are: • Cocaine addiction •...
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